Dr. Nosanchuk’s Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Implants Quick Guide

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Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Implants Quick Guide

As you’ve explored your options for menopause treatments, you’ve likely discovered a range of hormone replacement therapies. There are a number of options I’ve discussed with my menopausal patients, including natural, hormone implants, and bio-identical therapies. Navigating through the copious amounts of research on these therapies can be time-consuming and confusing. Bio-identical hormone pellet implants, or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), have been prominent among discussions lately, especially with my patients who are unresponsive to alternative therapies. There are also various pros and cons to this treatment option that could be beneficial to review. To help, I’ve created this bio-identical hormone pellet implants quick guide to get you started on your journey to understanding BHRT!

What are bio-identical hormone pellet implants?

With the use of small pellets that are injected into the body’s subcutaneous tissue, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy uses your body’s own biology to replenish the estrogen (and/or other hormones) that may have depleted over time. These pellets are composed of plant compounds and natural plant elements. A little larger than a grain of rice, these pellets mimic your body’s natural production of hormones, which are released directly into the bloodstream for consistent treatment.

What is the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy treatment like?

The 15-minute, minimally painful procedure is performed every three to four months using a local anesthetic. The pellet, which is often injected in the hip or buttock area, dissolves naturally after the four-month period.

What are the side effects of bio-identical hormone pellet implants?

Side effects depend on the patient’s dosage and the specific hormone. Discomfort at the injection site during the first week after the procedure is possible. Other side effects include bruising, swelling, redness, and itching. An experienced and knowledgeable physician should be able to help you find the dosage that’s right for you.

What about the benefits?

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy has shown improvement in sleep, reducing fatigue, restoring libido, alleviating anxiety, increasing energy, restoring your quality of life, improving mood swings, and relieving other menopause symptoms.

Can I speak with someone about this treatment option first?

Of course! I’m available to discuss bio-identical hormone pellet implants by appointment. Just schedule your visit and we’ll answer any questions you may have, including any additional information you may need after reading this bio-identical hormone pellet implants quick guide. We look forward to speaking with you!

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