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HRT After Hysterectomy

Dr N:

Hi, I am a 36yr old female. I am going to a total hysterectomy with removal of my ovaries in less than two weeks. I have to admit I am really scared about this surgery. I have had endometriosis for several years. It is now at the point where I am in pain more than not. I am ready for the surgery, but scared at the same time. I hear some women say it is the best thing that they have done. What has me scared is the HRT. My doctor wants to start me on estrogen after the surgery, but he has not said anything about testosterone. Is this not something that is automatically part of your HRT? I have a very patient and understanding husband who is also concerned about the effects of surgery and HRT. Do you start on HRT right after surgery? How soon after starting HRT do you see effects? I have read so much and am now confused. I have read some the emails from your "Hysterectomy and Happy" site. I hope I will be in this category.

Thank you for your time.



It is a frightening prospect. Any surgery would be, but when you superimpose the hormonal considerations, it is even more disturbing.

I can't say what other Dr's would do, but I would start the HRT as soon as possible following the surgery. Some Dr's delay HRT for a while, following surgery for endometriosis. Their rationale is that it lowers the possibility of a reoccurrence, although my own feeling is that does not make a difference. Either there is endometriosis left behind, or there is not.

Some Dr's give an injection at the time of surgery or even put a patch on the patient when their done. I know some physicians in England that drop hormone pellets in the subcutaneous tissue before they close the incision. My own preference is to offer testosterone to any woman who does not have ovaries.

Discuss these issues with your Dr and see what he says.

Let me know what happens.

Dr N



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